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Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world – and we’re not just saying it. More than 75 million websites in the world are using it for its user-friendliness and versatility. With the professional Houston WordPress developers on your side, your site can actually stand out from the crowd – and not just among those who use WordPress, but among everyone else as well.

Developed as an open-source platform, WordPress is completely free of use. Nearly half of the world’s most preeminent bloggers use it – and you can use it as well, regardless of how much (or little) technical knowledge you may have. Posting and updating pages on a WordPress website is as easy as 1-2-3 – and even installing plugins to help you in your marketing efforts can be as easy as clicking on a couple of buttons.

As the best WordPress development team in Houston, we can help you set up your WordPress website and customize its coding to suit your needs. From a simple blog, we’ll turn your website into a mean, lean lead generation machine capable of attracting users and sending them down your Sales Funnel to become customers. Our WordPress coding skills go beyond the basics, transcending into a world of pure high-tech and cutting-edge solutions that will help your Houston or Los Angeles business grow more powerful with every click that happens on it.

The community behind WordPress is diverse and dynamic, adapting the platform to a wide range of needs. From CNN to Forbes and from Kay Perry to eBay, websites from a wide range of industries are powered by this Content Management (CMS) system. Therefore, it is quite likely that you’ll find it suitable for your business too.

All in all, WordPress is the ideal platform for small, medium, and large businesses that want to put their products out there in a simple, hassle-free way accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Inexpensive Set-up and Maintenance Costs

WordPress was designed to be not only easy to use by everyone but inexpensive as well. The platform itself is free to use by anyone – so allowing a WordPress developer to tweak the code and make your entire site look genuinely professional will also cost you less than building a website from scratch. Clients are often concerned about WordPress website design prices, using WordPress CMS can bring down the cost of website development significantly low.

As for the maintenance, this is one of the easiest maintenance platforms on the market. Once our expert WordPress developers have set up the custom code for your site, you will be able to update it as much as you want, whenever you want it, just by having access to the Internet.

Experienced WordPress Website Developers in Houston

Hiring a Houston team of developers specialized in customizing WordPress coding will help you unlock an almost endless array of possibilities with your new site.

Not only will your website look professional and ready for business, but it will actually be extremely easy to measure its performance and adapt your strategy to the way users react to your website. Our WordPress developers can add any kind of feature and functionality you want to the simplest WordPress theme so that you can reap all the benefits of showing off a highly efficient, highly regarded business website.

Recover Hacked WordPress Websites

These days, cyber attacks have grown to be stronger, smarter, and more unexpected than ever. They are a real issue that makes even the largest businesses in the world lose millions of dollars in billable clients and sensitive data.

You DON’T want your website to be in this position – and that is precisely why it’s so important for you to have it properly maintained by a team who knows exactly how to counter-attack the dangers of cybercrime. Even more, you need a team who can immediately get down to work in the event of a cyber attack, so that your site is back up, fully functional, and safe within hours of the attack itself.

We are that team. Here at Octal Digital, we have put together a team of cybersecurity specialists and maintenance experts ready to help you make sure your site is ALWAYS functional, always secure – for you, for your existing customers, and for your future customers as well. Allow us to be the guardians of your site and help you restore it to its full functionality whatever happens. We will never disappoint you.

Contact us today if you want to work with dedicated WordPress development professionals team in Houston, Los Angeles or any of the surrounding areas. We’re here to listen to your needs and deliver the outstanding custom WordPress development and web design services your business needs.

Give us a call. We’re just a few taps away, ready to plunge in the middle of the action and transform your business into a fully digitalized enterprise.

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