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Dedicated Web Design Team

These days, web design is an art in its own right – one that seamlessly blends into the digital world, giving birth to web pages that are not just fully functional, but also exquisite from the aesthetic point of view.

Here at Octal Digital, we take pride in our amazing team of web designers in Houston and Los Angeles. We’ve gathered the best of the best, able to deliver absolute perfection in everything they do – for small businesses and large businesses alike. We are 100% dedicated to perfection
– so you can expect us to deliver more than just web pages thrown together. You can expect us to deliver a lean, mean, lead generation machine that will help your business grow larger with every Google search your target audience makes.

Unique, Customized Websites

The perfect web design should meet a fairly wide range of requirements – all of which Octal Digital will perfectly deliver in a way that suits you, your business, and, ultimately, your target audience. We don’t just use templates – we create modern, attractive
and functional web designs that are completely customized to suit your business and its goals. We go above and beyond to make sure the final results are exactly what your business needs!

CMS Integration

By using our Los Angeles and Houston web design services, your website will be fully integrated with our CMS – be it WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. A well-chosen Content Management System will allow you to update your website with content any time you need it, however you need it – without the help of a web development company in Houston. So, once your website has been set up, you will be able to update the information and articles on it yourself.

A powerful CMS such as WordPress will allow you to make any web content adjustments in a few simple steps. Basically, you will just need an Internet connection and your login details – and your content can be updated in a matter of minutes once you have copied and pasted it into the
required page.

ECommerce Businesses, perfectly

If you run an eCommerce business, our web design firm in Los Angeles and Houston will make sure to completely integrate our work with one of the major eCommerce platforms out there – such as Magento or WooCommerce, for example. Same as with standard Content
Management Systems, these eCommerce platforms allow business owners to easily and speedily update any kind of information on their site – such as add new products, remove products, add product descriptions, and so on. Furthermore, these platforms
will also allow you to publish a blog, so that you can win customers on your side and make them loyal to your business.

AProfessional Mobile Website

Of course, the websites we design are completely mobile-friendly as well. Our designs are fully responsive, allowing users to easily access your business via their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets, for example). This is extremely important since more than half of the Google searches now happen on mobile devices – so you need to be 100% certain your potential customers can access all the amazing products and/or services you have to offer in Dallas, San Antonio, San Diego, Santa Monica, or any of the cities around Houston and Los Angeles.

Search Engine Optimization

Last, but definitely not least, our Houston designers know exactly how to create websites that are very well optimized for the Search Engines. Every single element on your webpages will be easy to access both by humans and by Search Engine crawlers, making your websites more likely to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (on Google, Bing, and other Search Engines).

Houston Site Redesign

Like it or not, websites do need recurrent redesigns. In some industries, it can happen as often as once in a two years’ time. In others, six, seven, or even eight years go by. If you have decided it’s time to redesign your Los Angeles website (or your Houston website), contact Octal Digital and allow us to be the ones who will refresh your website – both from an aesthetic and from a technical point of view. Our web redesign company is here for you!

The page layout, the visual hierarchy, the home page and site navigation, the site search bar, the form entry and the easy-to-load design – they will all contribute to creating a website that attracts more visitors through the search engines (and thus, converts more of them as well). We know how much SEO matters for you – and that is precisely why our designs will always take the latest optimization rules into consideration.

We want to help businesses achieve the awesomeness they deserve – and we think our web design company is actually able to do that for you too. Contact us if you want more than just a web design service provider in Houston. Contact us if you want a partner who will actually take their time to learn what your business is all about so that we can create a site design that will suit you and your target audience from every single point of view.

Contact us if you want to work with la crème de la crème of the web design industry in Houston. We’re here for you – and we will never disappoint. In any way.

We are proud to be rated as a Top 10 Web Design Company in Houston & Los Angeles, as voted for in The Drum 2014 Census, a national, industry wide listing across the digital landscape.

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