The Liferay development lets you build your perfect portal and engage users, customers or partners in it

Octal Digital provides a personalized online experience using the LifeRay content management system, where you will encounter an integrated social community and a stable workflow

Liferay’s motto is to be ready for a mobile revolution. This fact surely acts on everyone getting a mobile presence, which is undoubtedly essential. Acting as a true product of the new Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE), the Liferay experience has left many mouths opened so far.

The Liferay portal is a free and open enterprise project that is also written in Java and supported under their commercial license. This content management system features many different areas that are more than useful to your business.

The features that the Liferay development holds are mainly oriented to portals and websites. The Liferay experience provides a built-in web CMS that allows easy building of websites, portals as well as gadgets and pages that opt to easy and common navigation within the solution.

The easiness in searching and reaching out to your documents is hardly seen with any other content management system. Liferay is filled with a user-friendly interface that presents every bit of information you need. We are a certified Liferay development company, and will be happy to assist you while you endeavor the simplicity and premium effectiveness of this platform.

Octal Digital provides an on-time development of this platform. We are a certified LIferay development agency and we enable Liferay development in order to meet your business objectives. Therefore, the Liferay portal can be used to administer information and develop a large community.

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