Seize the enterprise network and web applications through the world of Java

At Octal Digital, we assure you that a reliable and multi-tiered J2EE will be the right fit for your needs

J2EE stands for Java Enterprise Edition platform. This Oracle’ enterprise provides an API with a solid runtime environment in order for enterprise software to be run and developed. The premium solutions vary from network to web services and applications.

Common advantage of this platform is that it is scalable and secure. The platform incorporates a design that is based on modular components that run on a main application server. The programming language used to develop any software in this platform is normally, Java.

Some of the greatest CMS systems use Java. World’s famous solutions such as Alfresco and Liferay stand as a living proof of the high quality enterprise features that J2EE possesses. Built on this platform, they assure you that J2EE never lacks quality.

Octal Digital is a supreme leader in the J2EE application development. Our vast experience focuses in J2EE design and development, which in practice means active J2EE development and a proper maintenance of the system. Our major goal is to deliver a high-end performance solution within the Java enterprise platform.

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