Share your data flawlessly with the Alfresco – an enterprise content management system

Holding enterprise in this domain, Octal Digital is able to improve many business processes in your organization, simply by developing this robust content management system

This wonderful platform represents modern software that is built on open standards. It unlocks the power of the business content that is often criticized about its place in the digital world. However, the control that the IT world possesses goes beyond the needs of any industry. In that manner, the Alfresco solution has been made to produce reachable files with easy usage in every spot in the world.

Using open-source technology, the Alfresco represents one of the greatest content management systems. With the Alfresco content management, you can endeavor a hybrid and on-premise environment in which the web content management system runs perfectly at any time.

This enterprise content management platform reached its peaks over the past few years. With the great innovation in content, collaboration and business processes, it runs large numbers of millions shared modules in the daily work worldwide.

Developed with the Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Alfresco stands as a leader in the content management systems. It quickly found its value in improving overall business processes while sharing data in an easy flow and pleasurable interface.

Octal Digital is a specialized Alfresco development company. We tend to develop this tool even more and promote it to our customers. With the Alfresco document management, your documents and other data are secured, without any troubles or information silos that can occur. On the other hand, the Alfresco content management makes it easily reachable and extremely smart.

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