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    Engaging Social Media Services in Houston

    In a world where Facebook rings the alarm of 2.2 billion users, making sure your business is present on social media is absolutely crucial. Here at Octal Digital, we know how to truly manage all aspects of social media for businesses – so you can trust us to deliver the best there in the entire area of Houston and the surrounding areas, as well as Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

    Why Choose Octal Digital for Your Social Media Needs?

    We’re simply the best Houston has to offer in terms of social media services:

    • We work on short-term, month-to-month contracts so that we always keep our standards up;
    • The best companies in the Houston and Los Angeles area work with us;
    • We’re an award-winning digital marketing company with decades of collective experience behind us;
    • Our social media services are integrated with PPC, SEO, and CRO;
    • We provide full social media internationalization services to those who want to reach out to audiences in other countries;
    • Real experts with real social media knowledge – not just “kids” posting on Facebook.

    What Do Our Social Media Services Include?

    Octal Digital can provide you with any kind of social media service you may need:

    1) Engagement campaigns – we run social media campaigns that actually promote your followers’ engagement and interaction with your brand;

    2) Social media management – from daily posts to replying to the messages that come into your social media inboxes, we’re here for everything;

    3) Social media ads – reach out to more potential customers by correctly and legally placing ads in their way on social media;

    4) Infographics – as an award-winning design company in Houston, you can expect our infographics to be not only extremely well-researched but also incredibly appealing to the eye;

    5) Digital Public Relations – with Social Media being one of the top ways in which customers engage with brands online, your PR needs to be truly stellar and Octal Digital can help you with that.

    What Does Our Social Media Marketing Process Look Like?

    No matter what size your business may have, you can rest assured that Octal Digital will treat you with the utmost seriousness – because that’s what you deserve as our client.

    Like with every other client, we will lead you through several stages in your way to social media success:

    1) Setting the goals. Every marketing campaign needs a clearly defined goal and KPIs that show whether or not that goal was met. Social media marketing makes no exception from this rule, so we will make sure we start on the right foot by discussing with you and establishing with precision what you are looking for in your social media campaigns.

    2) Create company brand. If your Houston business’ brand isn’t very well-defined yet, we will help you do this. A clear and concise brand book will help our social media marketing team create messages that are better-suited for your company AND your target audience.

    3) Context identification. Once we have established the goals and the branding rules, we will proceed to identify the influencers in your industry, the media outlets we can work with, as well as the types of customers that are more likely to be attracted to your products.

    4) Social media optimization. Experience has taught us that websites need to be properly optimized to be more social media-friendly – and that is precisely what we will do with your website as well.

    5) Influencer outreach. Our social media marketing campaigns include influencer outreach that will help your business tap into new audiences, attract more leads, and eventually convert them into customers.

    6) Building communities. Social media is very much about building communities – and our expertise can help you create a sturdy, engaged community around your brand.


    What is social media management?
    Put simply, social media management services include everything you need to do as a business on social media. Regular posts, engagement with users, PR, influencer outreach – these are some of the elements included under the “Social media management” umbrella term.

    What does social media optimization include?
    There’s a long list of criteria your website has to meet to be considered properly optimized for social media. Some of them include blog article share buttons, comments that are shared automatically on social media, the ability to share quotes from articles on Twitter, and so on.

    What qualifies as social media engagement?
    There are a lot of ways users can engage with brands on social media. Likes, shares, reactions are some of them. Comments are a different category. Messages are also considered to be engagement. The more engaged your social media users are, the more likely it is that they (and their peers) will start trusting your brand more.

    Why do you need a company to do this for you?
    In very light terms, because it’s a lot of work – and you might want to focus on other aspects of your business. Leaving your social media services in the hands of a capable Houston team of social media gurus is the best thing you can do for your business, for your time, and for your sanity!
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    We are proud to be rated as a Top 10 Web Design Company in Houston & Los Angeles, as voted for in The Drum 2014 Census, a national, industry wide listing across the digital landscape.

    What Our Clients Say

    Brooke Stevens

    It was an amazing experience working with Octal Digital. I am very happy with the outcome of my new website and the mobile app.

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