This general-purpose scripting language has been used in building some of the most popular websites worldwide, as it is flexible and suitable for all kinds of web development

Octal Digital is your most reliable PHP development company. Over time, we created immense solutions, using this language as our native

The PHP is a scripting language used from the server side. It is designed for web development but also used in general purposes. This giant was installed on more than 240 million websites so far, as this number grows day by day.

The PHP web development process can be integrated with the HTML. These two languages can be mixed with one another or used as the perfect combination with various templating engines and frameworks.

Over time, PHP has evolved. It now includes a command line interface that also enables standalone graphical applications to be produced. It also has been used to build the largest content management systems such as the WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc. It is obvious that this is the perfect web language the Internet can’t live without.

Our team at Octal Digital exceeds its limits in the PHP web development. We speak PHP as our native language. If you want to hire PHP developers, our experienced team should be first on your list. Every single PHP developer in our team knows the essence of this language and the value it possesses in the digital world. That is why we master it as we are lucky to create enterprise systems with it.

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