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Octal Digital has twenty years of collected experience in developing sites in a variety of languages – and HTML 5 makes no exception from the rule. If you are looking for the very best HTML 5 developers in Houston, we are precisely what you need.

What is HTML 5?

HTML is one of the most common markup languages used on the Internet to “translate” the content presented on the Internet. In general, HTML is considered to be a beginner’s entryway into the world of web development. However, we believe HTML is more than that: we believe HTML is the very fabric the Internet is made of – and that’s why we think it is extremely important for each and every developer in our Houston and Los Angeles teams to know HTML from scratch.

Of course, HTML is not used for advanced web development features anymore – but HTML 5, the fifth and most recent version of HTML brings new elements to the table. For instance, in the first HTML version, audio and video content could not be rendered – but this is now possible with HTML 5.

HTML 5 is an excellent choice when you want your developer and your designer to be able to use clean, clear code that doesn’t include too many extra tags. Although some may think HTML (in all its versions) is obsolete, the most basic Internet functions are still relying on it – so it is important that your future business website has a very solid HTML 5 foundation.

Why Would You Hire Us?

There are a lot of web development companies in Houston, Los Angeles, and all the surrounding areas – that’s true.
What happens many times, though, is that these web development agencies market themselves as ultra-experienced when they are just working with junior web developers.

Here at Octal Digital, we would never compromise the quality of our deliveries in any way. That is precisely why we have hired the most brilliant web developers in the entire area of Houston. That is precisely why we recurrently invest in their training (and the training of fresh, new talent to breathe in new ideas into our agency).
We are 100% dedicated to delivering perfect results – and if we promise to create a fully-functional, SEO-friendly, and user-friendly website for you, that is precisely what we will do. Even more than that, we will do it in due time.

Octal Digital is the company you contact when you want to hire the best of the best HTML 5 web developers. It is the development agency you hire when you want the best results in the shortest amount of time humanly possible.
It is the web development solution you settle on when you want no mistakes to be done.
Contact us today and let’s create awesomeness together. We’re here to help you grow your business with the help of a website that is nothing less than perfect.
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