Terms & Conditions

  • 70% deposit have to be paid before starting a project
  • We don’t provide Third Party Services such as Images, Pictures or Plugins
  • Web hosting is available on request. Minimum contract is for a year.
  • Balance of the project must be paid before delivery the source code
  • We reserve right to cancel a project at any stage.
  • We don’t work with Adult, abusive, hate, racist content/websites.
  • Once project is completed and source code is delivered, no refund claims would be entertained.
  • A refund can only be claimed if project was not started OR during the project, we’ll compensate according to hours spent.
  • A month of free warranty and service will be provided after project delivery.
  • The warranty only covers basic tweaks or broken things. NO new feature will be added during warranty period or design alteration.
  • Project starting is fee non-refundable, before cancelling a project, a week prior notice is required by the client.
  • We give 100% satisfaction guarantee of a project til the end.
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